Sunday, September 5, 2010

Julie and Julia... and Jenn?

So... I'm watching Julie and Julia for the first time ever.  A lot of people thought I started this blog after watching the movie.  In actuality, I never thought about watching it, but last week on TV, what do you think was on?  Julie and Julia!  So far, the movie is pretty good! 

For those of you who don't know, it's about a girl, Julie, who decides to write a blog for one year, and catalog her adventures in the kitchen as she cooks each and every recipe in Julia Child's book : Mastering French Cooking.  Now, I'm not one for French cooking, as I don't really know much about it.  I do like the idea though.  Through her year of cooking, Julie cooks some food that she's never had any interest in trying before (think bone marrow and whole roasted duck).  I like that she is somewhat forced to try making foods that she hasn't had before. 

I don't have a Julia Child cookbook, but I do have a Martha Stewart one!  It's one of her many, many cookbooks.  I don't want to cook the entire cookbook and totally copy Julie and Julia, but I think, from now on, I'll try at least 2 new recipes a month.  One a day definitely won't happen, but who knows, maybe I'll find something yummy and new!

Additionally, I'm going to make a Wish List.  These are things that I want to try my hand at, but haven't yet!

1- Boston Creme Cake (the hubby's a Sox fan... it's only appropriate!)
2- shrimp and turnip cakes (anyone who's had dim sum should know about these yummy little morsels!)
3- Beef wellington
4- ribs
5- fudge (I haven't been able to make this well at all)
6- banofee pie (it sounds so good!)
7- crown pork roast
8- chocolate souffle

I know there's more I will add soon... any ideas of stuff I should try?

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  1. It's my favorite movie. the book is great too. Good luck on trying everything on your wish list. I hope you find a new yummy recipe.